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Tajikistan is home to some of the world’s most imposing mountain sceneries. Nonetheless, the great potential for trekking in Tajikistan has remained quite undiscovered. At Trek Tajikistan, we specialize in organizing trekking trips through the untouched landscapes of Tajikistan, tailored for hiking adepts from all across the globe. Soon after you leave the main roads, you find yourself in breathtaking mountain sceneries, cut off from the outside world and immersed in the majestic nature around you. Completely one with nature – that is exactly what trekking in Tajikistan is all about!

Multi-day treks through the Tajik Mountains

Tajikistan is almost entirely covered by mountain landscapes. The mountains are an important part of our identity and we are super excited to share that passion with the rest of the world. Precisely for that reason we started Trek Tajikistan. We are a local Tajik company that operates from the capital Dushanbe. We offer multi-day guided trekking adventures that allow you to grasp the true essence of Tajikistan’s rugged mountains.

When you book a trek with us, you will set off with a local Tajik guide, who speaks English and can tell everything you want to know about the Tajik culture and nature. We focus on treks in the Pamir Mountains in the east of Tajikistan and the Fann Mountains and Zerafshan Range in the northwest. These regions offer the most spectacular views of beautiful mountain landscapes. Each area has its own characteristics and advantages with regards to trekking. You can read more about the different regions on their respective info pages.

Hiking trips through untouched nature accessible for everyone

The tourist infrastructure and facilities in Tajikistan are still quite limited – there is no public transport, hiking trails are not marked, and accommodation is not everywhere available. The tourist paths are not paved yet and a guide service can therefore be very valuable. We take care of all planning and take any logistics out of your hands. You have a care-free trip and can fully enjoy the adventure of your life-time.

There are various trekking options – from full camping expeditions to more laid-back homestay treks. We are passionate about heading out into nature to spend time far away from the everyday worries and overcome the challenges that arise along the way. Tajikistan is an ideal country for a self-sustaining trekking style. Braving the mountains this way is extra rewarding and gives an ultimate feeling of satisfaction. We can organize both complete back-to-basic experiences or provide more comfort and support during the trek. In any case, you can be sure that you will feel like a true explorer.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy trekking in Tajikistan and the natural greatness it has to offer. A lack of extensive trekking experience or equipment should not keep you away from taking on the adventure. For instance, it is no problem to arrange full camping gear for anyone joining a trek with us. There is no need to purchase expensive sleeping bags or tents. This way, even those on a budget can enjoy a unique vacation in one of the most secluded destinations in the world.

Trekking tailored to your wishes

We have made a selection of the most impressive treks along the best places in Tajikistan. Countless trails cross the mountains and open up an endless variety of treks imaginable. We are always able to organize alternative treks or adapt existing treks to your specific wishes. Adjustments can be made to the duration or difficulty of a trek, start and end locations, and the places you visit along the route. Treks can be organized at various difficulty levels, allowing even those with little experience to trek in Tajikistan. At the same time, extremely difficult treks can be organized that challenge even the most seasoned hikers.

Flexibility is in any case of great importance when trekking through the wilderness of Tajikistan. The weather can turn adverse or roads and trails can suddenly become blocked – no two trips are ever the same. As new challenges await during each expedition, you can rest assured that your guide is always on hands to adapt and bring everything to a good end. During the trek, you also have your own voice when it comes to exploring something, picking camping spots or taking a swim. Everything is aimed at providing you the trek of your dreams!

Responsible travel

The mountains of Tajikistan have remained largely unspoiled hitherto, and we like to keep it like that! Trekking through the mountains inherently imposes a burden on the environment. With responsible behavior,  however, we aim to minimize the impact on animal life and the ecosystem. Any wildlife spotted along the trails is left undisturbed by maintaining an appropriate distance. Seeing wildlife in nature is exciting and memorable, but cannot come at the expense of their well-being.

We employ various measures to maintain a clean environment along the trails and on the camp sites. Most obviously, garbage and waste are never left behind. The camping grounds are left behind tidy. Think about digging ‘toilets’, re-using existing fireplaces, and not letting shampoo or other chemical substances end up in streams or lakes. In doing so, we seek to leave behind as few traces as possible and not pollute the environment.

Human welfare is another important point, including fair payment to guides and the local people that provide homestay accommodations along the trails. Tajikistan’s turbulent history turned it into one of the poorer countries in the world. Tajikistan has been in calmer waters for several decades now and steadily reduced poverty rates. Nevertheless, salaries are still low and people often have difficulty making ends meet. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that everyone who contributes to our treks is paid fairly. Responsibility also comes in respecting the inhabitants of the villages through which the treks pass. Respecting cultural habits and traditions has a positive impact on the mutual interaction and enriches the trekking experience alike.

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