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Fann Mountains
Pamir Mountains
Zerafshan Range

Fann Mountains Pamir Mountains Zerafshan Range

The Fann Mountains in northwest Tajikistan are easy to access from Dushanbe and offer a wide variety of treks with both camping and homestay opportunities. The region hosts some of the best hiking trails of Tajikistan along stunning places like Iskanderkul, Alauddin Lake, Kulikalon, Bolshoi Allo and Haft Kul. The Pamir Mountains are designed for the true trekking adepts. Few trekking destinations are more remote than the Pamirs. Prepare to hike for days without encountering any signs of civilization while wild camping at extreme altitudes. The vast desert-like landscapes on the roof of the world are spectacular. The Zerafshan Range in the north of Tajikistan boasts rough mountain landscapes. Apart from the natural beauty, the region also has a rich cultural history going back thousands of years. Most parts of the Zerafshan Range have not yet been discovered by many tourists, making the region great for adventurous trekking trips.
Max. altitude – 5489 7495 5320 meters

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Pamir Mountains Fann Mountains Zerafshan Range Dushanbe
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Hiking Trips in Tajikistan with Local Guiding

TREK TAJIKISTAN is all about guiding amazing treks in Tajikistan. A guide service is incredibly valuable when going on a hiking trip in one of the most secluded parts of the world. There is a great variation of trekking possibilities – from full camping expeditions to more laid-back homestay treks. So almost anyone can enjoy a hiking vacation in Tajikistan.

We take care of all planning and take any logistics out of your hands. You have a care-free travel and can fully enjoy the adventure of your life-time. Our experienced local guides are always there to support you and passionately share their knowledge about the local nature and culture along the way.

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Experiences of others

  • Reviewer avatar
    @ M8285XZaliceh 16 September 2023
    Review rating - 5 stars
    Unquestionably one of the highlights of a long trip through central Asia. We spent 3 days trekking with Shuhrat - eternally good humoured, knowledgable and curious in equal measure. The scenery is stunning and the walking just the right level of toughness. The locals that we stayed with went out of their way to make us comfortable. As did our driver Bobo. Really recommend these guys to trek with. And the Fann Mts are stunning... definitely go.
  • Reviewer avatar
    @ 894angelienv 4 September 2023
    Review rating - 5 stars
    I did 2 trips with Trek Tajikistan. I went to the Fann Mountains and to the Yognob Valley In general super enthousiast about this trips. In the fann mountains the nature is amazing, unreal to stand alone at the best views. Its like switseland, but than empty. In the yognob valley is more a cultural trip. Great to meet the locals. The guide Shurath was really good.
  • Reviewer avatar
    @ oaxaca2 3 September 2023
    Review rating - 5 stars
    Wonderful trek in Pamir Mountains arranged by trek Tajikistan Pamir Mountains are extremely beautiful but the treks are harder and more dangerous then it might seem at first glance. The terrain is spectacular. The place is pretty much empty of tourists and the very few locals one encounters are friendly. Local food ( where available) is very very good. Our guide, Shurat is very knowledgeable And not once he helped us overcome difficult situations.
  • Reviewer avatar
    @ lisagQ7374PS 27 August 2023
    Review rating - 5 stars
    Our trek in the Fann Mountains was in one word amazing! The beautiful mountain landscape, the super hospitable locals and the nights under the stars made it an unforgettable and unique experience. It was really special to sleep in our tent in those remote areas. During the trek our guide Shuhrat was very kind and took care of us along the way.
  • Reviewer avatar
    @ mariopA6947VY 18 October 2023
    Review rating - 5 stars
    I crossed the Alps and the Dolomites for writing a book about the World War I and I learned how the men have adapted to the height of the mountains, to cold and snow. I love the mountains near my home, however I wanted to discover new landscapes. But to walk surrounded by lonely peaks is not the main aspect of my journeys. In my opinion it is more important to meet the people for knowing the places through their eyes and their words. I still remember the meeting managed by Shuhrat, our Tajik guide, with a family that in summer lives in a tent far from the village. I thought of the nomad shepherds that lived in the Middle Age along the Silk Road that pastured the sheeps for the wool, the cows for the milk and the meat and used the donkeys for carrying their things. The ability to adapt to this natural environment has extremely amazed me. We ate together some plov and bread cooked in the open air and we learned a lot about the lifestyle, the work, the culture of these amazing people. Mario
  • Reviewer avatar
    @ PaZ999 21 October 2023
    Review rating - 5 stars
    I’ve spent fantastic days on the Fann Mountains. Our great guide Shuhrat led us through very nice hiking and let us understanding the way of life and culture of the people living in those villages.
  • Reviewer avatar
    @ Joelle123456 6 July 2024
    Review rating - 5 stars
    My husband and I went to Tajikistan for our honeymoon and went hiking with Trek Tajikistan. Shuhrat our guide was absolutely wonderful! He planned a great trip and was flexible making changes as we went along (due to my husband getting food poisoning - don't worry, he caught it on the previous stop!). The homestays we stayed at were lovely and very kind. The food was delicious traditional Tajik mountain food. Overall the region is stunning - even the car rides had amazing views! We cannot recommend Trek Tajikistan enough!
  • Reviewer avatar
    @ Dream62396335754 14 July 2024
    Review rating - 5 stars
    We had a very good, personalized 10-day hike in the Fann Mountains with 'Trek Tajikistan'. It was a really great tour through the Fann Mountains with a very pleasant mix of homestays and camping. Very well organized with a flexible guide, Shuhrat, who went beyond the call of duty to give us real insights into his country and culture. Flexible not only in adapting the trip to our wishes, but also when one of the participants had problems with his health, to find a good solution for each of the participants. Well done Shuhrat! The homestays were better than expected and the campsites good. Our luggage was transported by donkeys. Big compliment to the donkey driver who also set up the tents. So very satisfied and worth repeating! ))

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