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Virtual view over the Pamir Mountains visiualized with CesiumJS


Virtual tour through Tajikistan in 3D

3 September 2023

Most of the amazing places to visit in Tajikistan are quite unknown to those interested in visiting the country. That makes it difficult to oversee where the different highlights are located and how far they are apart. We have prepared a 3D viewer that can help out to get the clear overview of everything that Tajikistan has to offer!

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Two hikers walking on a trail towards the Kulikalon plateau


Interactive trek profiles: From Google Earth to the web using elevation APIs and Chart.js

28 April 2023

New profiles for our trekking routes are now on the website. The heights of the trekking routes in Tajikistan are one of the most frequently asked questions. Altitudes and elevation differences are the most important factor determining the difficulty of a trek. For that reason it is important to give clear insight into the altitudes that can be expected. Here an example of how to achieve this with Google elevation data, ChartJS and some basic Python scripting.

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