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Hiker walking on a snow-covered road down from Anzob Pass in the Zerafshan Range

Travel report

Ziddi to Yaghnob – Hiking the Anzob Pass

26 June 2022

You can reach the Yaghnob Valley directly from the M34 highway. But why always take the easy road? The challenging alternative is to enter the Yaghnob Valley from the Ziddi Valley in the south. From the Ziddi Valley, there are several passes crossing the mountain ridge to the north. Most frequently used are the one at Leilakul and the somewhat easier Anzob Pass. May 2022 – we packed our bags to visit Yaghnob Valley starting from Ziddi. The traverse did not turn out to be as...

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Waterfall with a person standing in front in a narrow gorge near Varzob in Tajikistan


Day hike in the mountains near Varzob

28 October 2021

Are you in Dushanbe and want to get active? With this leisurely day hike, you can explore the Tajik mountains at a stone's throw of the busy capital. Starting from the village of Varzob, the trail runs along a river for a few kilometers and ends at a picturesque waterfall. An easygoing hike that is ideal if you have a day to spare in Dushanbe.

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