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People selling stuff in a busy market on the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan

Tajik culture

Tajik-Afghan border markets

30 December 2023

Throughout the Pamir Mountains, there is lively cross-border trade between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The Panj River in the Pamirs forms a sharp border between the Tajik and Afghan side. Bridges connect both countries all along the Panj. On these border crossings, you can often find markets, where trade and cultural sharing create a special meeting point between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

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Green car driving over a gravel road in the village of Javshangoz

General information

Getting from A to B in Tajikistan

16 February 2022

When traveling in a foreign country, it is convenient to be able to move around without too much hassle. As for Tajikistan, this does not really apply. The country lacks a regional public transport system. There are no easy bus or train connections for an easy transfer to the beautiful nature outside the city limits. If you want to travel large distances, you rather need to find a shared car or use your own transport. With sometimes sketchy road conditions, traveling around in Tajikistan is...

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Trekker with backpack hiking on a small trail in the Pamir Mountains

Travel report

Trekking in corona times

21 August 2021

Corona brought a big blow to the tourist industry around the world. The tourism sector of Tajikistan is not left unaffected either. Every single homestay we have visited lately shares one and the same story – the tourists have largely disappeared. Rooms remain empty. The income has dried up. The hiking trails remain nearly completely free of tourists. The abrupt corona pandemic strongly impacted those relying on tourism, as we find out each time we move around in the mountains these...

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