Pamir Mountains

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People selling stuff in a busy market on the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan

Tajik culture

Tajik-Afghan border markets

30 December 2023

Throughout the Pamir Mountains, there is lively cross-border trade between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The Panj River in the Pamirs forms a sharp border between the Tajik and Afghan side. Bridges connect both countries all along the Panj. On these border crossings, you can often find markets, where trade and cultural sharing create a special meeting point between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

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Hiker in a wide rocky valley the Pamir Mountains


Tajik National Park Trek

19 August 2023
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Mountain guide overlooking the Fann Mountains in Tajikistan

Travel guide

Ultimate guide to trekking in Tajikistan

2 March 2022

Trekking through the high mountains of Tajikistan is a unique and unforgettable adventure. Traversing the breathtaking landscapes is something any trekking adept needs to experience. At the same time, trekking in extreme conditions through touristically under-developed regions comes with particular challenges. Trails are not indicated, public transport to the mountains is lacking and accommodation options are limited. Traveling to the end of the world under such circumstances requires a...

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Green car driving over a gravel road in the village of Javshangoz

General information

Getting from A to B in Tajikistan

16 February 2022

When traveling in a foreign country, it is convenient to be able to move around without too much hassle. As for Tajikistan, this does not really apply. The country lacks a regional public transport system. There are no easy bus or train connections for an easy transfer to the beautiful nature outside the city limits. If you want to travel large distances, you rather need to find a shared car or use your own transport. With sometimes sketchy road conditions, traveling around in Tajikistan is...

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Snowy mountain range in the Pamirs with a hiker in the foreground

General information

Geology of Tajikistan

2 February 2022

Tajikistan lies right in the collision zone of two continents. Over millions of years, extreme tectonic forces have shaped the country into a rugged landscape of mountain ridges, valleys and peaks. And the mountain building is still ongoing! Over 90% of Tajikistan is mountainous with most of the country higher than 3.000 meters. The geology is complex, but knowing the basics will give an extra dimension to your trip when traveling through the mountains of Tajikistan.

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Lake Yashilkul in the Tajik Pamir Mountains


Pamir Lakes Trek

17 September 2021
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Person about to cross a river with lake Turumtaykul in the background

Travel report

Early-season trekking to Chapdarkul and Turumtaykul

9 July 2021

The Pamirs are among the most impressive destinations for ultra-high trekking expeditions. Most hiking trails in the Pamir Mountains are unfortunately covered by snow most of the year. When summer approaches and temperatures rise, we are – like many – eager to hit the trails as quickly as possible. The early season may still be very snowy and comes with extra challenges on top of the already tough trekking conditions under normal circumstances. We hit the trail in spring to visit the...

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