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Snowy mountain range in the Pamirs with a hiker in the foreground

General information

Geology of Tajikistan

2 February 2022

Tajikistan lies right in the collision zone of two continents. Over millions of years, extreme tectonic forces have shaped the country into a rugged landscape of mountain ridges, valleys and peaks. And the mountain building is still ongoing! Over 90% of Tajikistan is mountainous with most of the country higher than 3.000 meters. The geology is complex, but knowing the basics will give an extra dimension to your trip when traveling through the mountains of Tajikistan.

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The main gate of the Hisor fortress near Dushanbe in Tajikistan

Travel guide

The Hisor Fortress

19 November 2021

The Hisor Fortress is one of the best preserved historical sites in Tajikistan. Strategically located on a hilltop, the fortress was built around 2500 years ago. Throughout the turbulent history of the region since then, this ancient stronghold has witnessed many changes in power, being demolished and rebuilt numerous times. Less than a one hour drive from Dushanbe, the Hisor historical site is ideally suited for a day-trip from the capital for those interested in the Tajik history.

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